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Day1/2Arrive in Kunming. Visit Bamboo Temple, Stone Fores. Welcome dinner.2 N in Kunming.
Day3Kunming-Jianshui (205 km, 2.5 hrs). Jianshui is the cultural center of southern Yunnan province. Visit the 400 year old Chaoyang Tower which is even older than Tian An Men in Beijing. 1 N in Jianshui.
Day4/5Jianshui-Yuanyang (Hani & Yi minority area, 150 km, 3 hrs). Sightseeing includes the Double Dragon Bridge, Tuanshan Village, Ximen Dabang Ancient Well, bean curd workshops, and  Confucius Temple which is the second largest in China. If lucky, meet the bound feet old ladies who are survived in fewer and fewer number. Drive to Yuanyang. Day 5 visit Yuanyang. Experience the highlight of the trip: in the morning and dawn visit to Terraced Rice Fields. Visit local morning market. 2 N in Yuanyang .
Day6Yuanyang-Jinping (Yao, Miao, Dai minority area, 220km, 6 hrs). Jinping is the home of multi-ethnic groups including residents of Miao, Yao, Dai, Hani, Yi, Han, Zhuang, and Lahu. 1 N in Jinping.
Day7/8Jinping-Pingbian (Miao minority area, 135 km, 4 hrs). Morning walk in villages around Jinping. Visit Shili Village and Red Head Yao Minority. Drive to Pingbian, bordering with Vietnam. Day 8 visit villages to observe daily life of ethnic local groups. Afternoon visit Daweishan Park, a national subtropical rain forest reserve (40 min to Pingbian by bus). 2 N in Pingbian.
Day9Drive to Wenshan (Zhuang, Miao minority area, 249 km, 7 hrs). Visit one of the local markets here. 1 N in Wenshan.
Day10Drive to Babao (Zhuang minority area, 175 km, 5 hrs). Sights include caves, karst formations and waterfalls. This scenic spot consists of four sections: Babao, Heye, Tangna Cave and Sanla Waterfall. 1 N in Babao.
Day11Drive to Detian, Guangxi Zhuang Minority Autonomous Region (195 km, 5.5 hrs). Visit the Detian Waterfall which is the second largest waterfall in the world after Niagara Falls. 1 N in Detian (10 km from the waterfall).
Day12We drive into the Mingshi (180 km, 5 hrs) countryside and take a bamboo boat down the picturesque Mingshi River. Lunch in Longzhou, an ancient town in Guangxi province. Then go to Huashan (3.5 hrs) to take a boat to see the "Flower Mountain" about 1hr and 30 min and stay at Huashan ethnic culture village to enjoy dinner with a Dong minority dance spectacle at night. 1 N in Huashan.
Day13Early departure to Nanning (200 km, 6 hrs), the capital of Guangxi Zhuang Minority Autonomous Region. It is known as the"Green City"because of its abundance of lush tropical foliage. Visit Nanning museum. 1 N in Nanning.

Day14/15Long drive to Sanjiang (500 km, 10 hrs), which is located at the junction of northern Guangxi, Hunan and Guizhou. It is an autonomous county consisting mainly of Dong Ethnic Tribe. Day 15 visit the Sanjiang Museum, Mapan Old Tower and Bajiang County. Walk across the beautiful Chenyang Wind and Rain Bridge, visit Pingpu Village and Guandong Village. 2 N in Sanjiang.

Day16Drive to Zhaoxing (Dong minority area 146 km, 4 hrs), a lovely traditional Dong Minority Village with its remarkable five drum towers. Surrounded by lush fields and hills, it is also a small oasis and well worth a day's stopover. 1 N in Zhaoxing.

Day17Today we drive from Zhaoxing to Rongjiang (135 km, 4 hrs) and visit a number of Dong villages. 1 N in Rongjiang.

Day18Morning visit Zhang Lu Village of Chejiang,the largest settlement of Dong nationality in China. Then to Sandu and walk in a Shui/Waterz village. Drive to Kaili (200 km, 5.5 hrs). 3 N in Kaili.

Day19Subject to the season we will visit local Miao people and their villages. Miao people celebrate the famous Lusheng Festival, which is one of the most important festivals for Miao ethnic groups in Guizhou Province.

Day20Drive to Huanping (86 km, 2.5 hrs), most people are of Dong, Zhuang, Buyi and Miao ethnic groups. We drive to a Miao village to observe local girls weaving their beautiful embroideries. Farewell dinner.

Day21Today we drive from Kaili to Guiyang for leaving. End of service.



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