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Day1Arrive in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan, the hometown of Panda. Welcome dinner. 1 N in Chengdu.
Day2Chengdu/YaˇŻan (160 km, 6.5 hrs). Morning drive to YaˇŻan, on the way enjoy the rural scenery in western Sichuan plain. Sightseeing in Bifengxia Park, where live tens of Pandas which moved in here after the earthquake in 2008, and then head for the ancient town of Shangli. 1 N in YaˇŻan.
Day3YaˇŻan/Danba (300 km, 9 hrs). Drive climb over the Mt. Jiajin Shan, en route stop for the Catholic Church at Dengci Valley, in the afternoon arrival in Danba, sightseeing at Village of Jiaju, typical Jiarong (Gyarong) Tibetan village. Under the blue sky, the Tibetan residences decorated in red, white and black are strewed at random but also in order from the bottom to the middle slope of the valley, then head for the Blockhouse of Suopo, Danba has long been acclaimed as the Kingdom of Thousands of Ancient Blockhouses. 1 N in Danba.
Day4Danba/Dawu/Luhuo (240 km, 8 hrs). Morning drive to Luhuo, en route sightseeing typical Tibetan custom, village, town and landscape, specially the typical local house at Dawu, arrival in Luhuo, free in leisure. 1 N in Luhuo.
Day5Luhuo/Garze (300 km, 9 hrs). Drive to Garze, real cultural and religious center for the Tibetans living in Sichuan. In Tibetan "Garze" means "white and beauty". On the way have a rest by the Kasa Lake. Upon arrival, visit Garze Monastery of yellow sect (Gelug). The temple was built in 1552. 1 N in Garze.
Day6Garze/Dege (210 km, 7 hrs). In the morning pass by Manigango to visit Xinlu Hai Lake (Yilhun Lhatso), located at the foot of Chola Mountain (QueˇŻer Shan). It is 4040 meters above the sea level, also a preserve for wild animals like white-lipped deer. Short walking by the Lake Yilhun Lhatso. Then we drive over the Chola Pass (5,050 m) to Dege. Afternoon visit the Dege Printing House which has always been well reputed as the ˇ°Cultural Treasury at the Foot of the Snow Mountainˇ±. 1 N in Dege.

Day7Dege/Chamdo (345 km, 8 hrs). Drive across the Jinshajiang River (upper reaches of Yangtze) Bridge connecting Sichuan and Tibet for Chamdo. A hard day of driving more than 300km, with bad conditions road. 1 N in Chamdo.

Day8Chamdo/Basu (264 km, 9 hrs). Visit the Kalden Jampaling (Qiangbalin Monastery), founded between 1436-44. Then drive to Bangda, keep drive across Gama La Pass (4,618 meters) to Basu.  1 N in Basu.


Day 9/17 From today on, the journey is the same as Yunnan-Tibet Road Adventure of Day 10/18.


Option:Shigatse/Mt.Everest/Tingri/Kathmandu, plus 3 more days by road, Min. 2 pax




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