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    Indochina, or the Indochinese Peninsula, is a region in Southeast Asia. It lies roughly east of India, south of China. The word has French origins, Indochine, and was adopted when French colonizers in Vietnam began expanding their territory to bordering countries.
    Historically, the countries of Mainland Southeast Asia received cultural influence from China and India, but to varying degrees. It refers to the area which is inhabited by different Mongoloid races but with large influence of Indian culture. Some Southeast Asian cultures, such as that of Laos and Thailand are influenced mainly by the culture of India with the introducing from Culture of Cambodia's model. Cambodia itself however had hardly any influence from culture of India, but still faced a a strong elements forms in their culture by amount of Culture of China like Cuisine and Clothing included shares common with Java since Khmer Empire era.
    Myanmar can be said to be influenced equally by both India and China
    Others, such as Vietnam, received a much larger influence from China, with only minor cultural influences from India, largely via the Champa civilization that Vietnam conquered during its southward expansion.
    Malaysia and Singapore, had first influences from India which then straight Islam way, and finally tied the relation with Culture of China after the a popularity of Chinese people's settlement in the country.
    Most of those country also pronounced with Western cultural influence, derived from the period of Colonialism of Southeast Asia.
    Indochina comprises the territory of the following countries:
    In strict sense, only the former colonial French Indochina:
    - Cambodia

    - Laos

    - Vietnam

    In the wider sense, better described as Mainland Southeast Asia, it also includes:

    - Peninsular Malaysia (comprising the southern end of the Malay peninsula but none of the Malay islands)

    - Myanmar (formerly Burma and part of British India until 1937)

    - Singapore (also considered part of Maritime Southeast Asia if the man-made Johor-Singapore Causeway is not taken into account)

    - Thailand (formerly Siam)

    Visit world famous sites such as the Angkor Ruins, Luang Prabang, Halong Bay and Inle Lake. There will also be opportunities to meet Indochinese people and relate to them more closely. Indochina is all about experience. What is Indochina? The answer lies in every step you take in Indochina.